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Summer Heat and Humidity This Week.

Heat and Humidity Taking Over

Over the last 48 hours we’ve transitioned out of cool, dry weather from late last week and into a more typical summer weather pattern. The result of that transition was […]

Visible Satellite Image, Radar Composite and Surface Temperatures Valid 9:30 AM. Notice Clearing Skies West of The Region.

Better Second Half of The Day

Clouds and showers are spilling across Southern New England this morning as a warm front crosses the region. This activity will gradually shift eastward over the course of the morning, […]

Low Clouds Dropping Southward This Morning.

Marine Layer Lurking

A cool northeast wind developed overnight and has pushed a bank of low clouds westward across the Gulf of Maine and into eastern Massachusetts. While the batch of clouds avoided […]

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2PM Satellite, Radar and Temperatures

Clouds Slow To Thin

A band of moisture and instability focused across the extreme south coast of Southern New England is slowly drying out and falling apart. This area of deep moisture brought some […]

Visible Satellite Image

Low Clouds, Fog, Starting To Thicken and Spread

Warm, and very moist air lifting northward over the cooler waters surrounding Cape Cod are starting to form a layer of fog. The latest visible satellite image with mid-afternoon temperatures […]

Tuesday Mid-Morning Temperature and Dewpoint Readings.

Warm, Very Humid

Dewpoint readings continue to inch upward around the region, climbing out of the 60s and into the 70s in many areas. A dewpoint reading at or above 70F makes the […]

Computer Model Radar / Satellite Forecast Valid 9PM

Clouds Thicken Late…Rain Should Stay South

An area of clouds and showers riding northeastward from the Mid-Atlantic will clip the area later today and tonight. As a result, we can expect partly to mostly sunny skies […]

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7AM Radar Image

Showers Should Stay Off-Cape This Morning

Downpours are spreading northward into parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts this morning. The 7AM radar shows a batch of heavy rain approaching the region, moving from south […]

Rain events since July 1st

Fair Share of Rain

We are quickly making up for our very dry stretch of weather in May in early June. Several complexes of showers and thunderstorms have crossed through the region over the […]